Domestic Boiler Servicing

Domestic Boiler Servicing: Keep Your Boiler in Optimal Condition

To ensure the continuous, safe operation of your boiler and maintain a valid warranty, it’s crucial to schedule annual servicing. At GH Heating Services Ltd, we offer flexible appointment options tailored to your busy lifestyle.

Qualified Engineers for Reliable Servicing

Our team of fully qualified engineers is both Gas Safe and OFTEC Registered. With their expertise, you can trust that your boiler is in capable hands.

Benefits of Annual Servicing

Annual servicing offers numerous benefits, including:

Risk Reduction: Regular servicing minimises the likelihood of costly breakdowns, providing peace of mind.

Warranty Protection: Keeping up with annual servicing requirements ensures that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, offering added protection.

Flexible Appointments to Suit Your Schedule

We understand the importance of convenience. That’s why we offer appointment times that accommodate your busy life. Choose a time that works best for you.


Gas Boiler Servicing with Gas Safety Certificate

Our comprehensive gas boiler servicing, which includes a gas safety certificate, is competitively priced and excludes VAT:

Service Price
Gas Basic Boiler Service £65.00 plus VAT
Standard Gas Boiler Service £75.00 plus VAT
Full strip-down Gas Boiler Service £100.00 plus VAT
Gas Back Boilers (includes back boiler and front fire) £120.00 plus VAT
Gas Fires £90.00 plus VAT
or £45.00 plus VAT if part of boiler service visit
Unvented/pressurised hot water cylinder inspection
(ex parts if required)
£90.00 plus VAT
or £45.00 plus VAT if part of boiler service visit

Oil Boiler Servicing

For oil boilers, we provide the following service:

Service Price
Oil Boiler Service and nozzle change £108.00 plus VAT
+ £35.00 per hour if the service exceeds 90 minutes *

* Oil boiler service may exceed 90 minutes if the boiler has not been regularly serviced and is in poor condition.

Thorough Inspection by Our Qualified Engineers

Think of your boiler in the same way you think of your car’s MOT and service. Manufacturers recommend a specific servicing process for your boiler, just as they do for your car. Annual servicing ensures that your boiler operates at optimum performance and maximises its lifespan.

During the service, our Gas Safe/OFTEC Registered Engineer will:

  • Check for corrosion, leaks, and the functioning of main components.
  • Remove the boiler casing to inspect key components such as the burner, heat exchanger, main injector, and spark/sensor probe.
  • Verify gas pressure and ensure correct flue sealing without any obstructions.
  • Use a flue gas analyzer to adjust the gas valve, optimising burner efficiency and combustion.
  • Conduct a gas tightness test to identify potential leaks.
  • Clean main components, remove deposits, and eliminate debris to enhance heat transfer, ignition, and efficient burning.
  • Inspect components for wear and tear, providing recommendations for replacements.
  • Ensure proper resealing of the boiler casing.
  • Provide a service report and flue gas analyzer printout to maintain the validity of your boiler warranty. If you have a boiler manual, our engineer will complete the service record within it.

Efficient and Proactive Boiler Maintenance

Regularly maintained and serviced boilers operate more efficiently, reduce fuel consumption, and potentially lower energy bills. Proactive maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns, ensuring your boiler functions reliably when you need it the most.


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